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south lyon athletics

Welcome to the jungle


south lyon athletics

Welcome to the jungle

south lyon athletics

Welcome to the jungle

Team News.

Team News

2.0 years ago @ 12:46PM

Welcome to South Lyon Sideline Cheerleading!

We are excited to have all current and future athletes participate in 2021 Sideline Cheerleading! 

Although we would love to say all things will be as normal, there are a few rules per the MHSAA and the district we must follow.  There are no exceptions to the information below.  Please read and familiarize yourself with this information.

We look forward to having you!  Cheers!

COVID-19 Participation Rules for Sideline 2020:


For further questions/clarification, please email Coach Sarah at


All cheer team members receive many valuable and rewarding experiences from being a part of this program, experiences they will remember long after they graduate from high school. These activities will not only channel their enthusiasm in a constructive and beneficial manner, but will give them a sense of pride and accomplishment in being a part of a group that is hard-working and respected. Cheerleading is not a social group, nor does it mean instant popularity; it is a form of character-building and physical development which requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Because it is a physical activity, is also involves a risk of physical injury. When making your decision regarding whether or not to try out, please be aware of this risk.